• Ultimate Inductions Event Hamburg

  • Sa, 13.12.2014 ab 09:00 Uhr
  • Crowne Plaza Hamburg
    Graumannsweg 10
    22087 Hamburg
Ultimate Inductions Event Hamburg - Crowne Plaza Hamburg - Hamburg

Special Hamburg Hypnosis event.. Taught in English. Full weekend with just fast speed inductions.. and i mean fast! Prelate, safety and more.. + non verbal and 10 sec inductions including the pretalk... Interested.. http://ultimateinductions.com


This is a shout-out to all hypnotists, including stage and street hypnotists, hypnosis enthusiasts, hypnotherapists and anyone who wants to master genuine and really fast speed inductions.

  • The Induction Formula

  • Safety Work

  • Clinic, Street & Stage Tools

  • 60 Second Power Pre-Talks

  • 16 Rapid Speed Inductions

  • Mind-Bending Language

  • Deepeners

  • Covert Techniques

  • Hypnotic Flow

  • Choosing Good Subjects

  • Body Language

  • Changing Failure To Success