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  • Fr, 21.09.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
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    Finkenau 35
    22081 Hamburg
MUTE SOLO | Musketeer - Music Production Studiomute.solo.tonlabor@gmail.comGet Directions - Hamburg

After several years of travelling and busking solo in many cities around Europe, Australia, & New Zealand - supporting the likes of such acts as Dustin Tebbutt (AU) & Half-Moon-Run (CA) - Musketeer has honed a songwriting craft rich with the pictures of the people, the history, and landscapes of those places wandered. In 2017, Musketeer released the Debut Studio EP ‘Seven Long Years’. The independently produced record follows the journey of an 18th century convict sent to the prison camps of Australia. It combines old sea tale story telling with a modern musical sentiment.In 2019, Musketeer will release a second studio EP entitled ‘The North Sea.’ After establishing a working base in Hamburg, the recordings will mark a new era for the folk project - joining forces with some of the most hearty local musicians to bring a vision to life. Musketeer now shifts seamlessly between a hardened Singer-Songwriter and also as a hot and hearty folk-rock troop.Ein außergewöhnliches Konzert in einem der professionellsten Tonstudios Hamburgs mit Publikum, Livemitschnitt und Videoaufnahme. Das Publikum sitzt dabei im Aufnahmeraum zwischen den Musikern und kann via Kopfhörer dem professionell abgemischten Konzert lauschen. Das garantiert eine Live-Erfahrung, die man erlebt haben muss.