• ॐ Sommer Goamonie ॐ

  • Sa, 10.08.2019 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • Indiego Glocksee
    Glockseestraße 35
    30169 Hanover
ॐ Sommer Goamonie ॐ - Indiego Glocksee - Hannover

• VISUALS • UV DEKO • FRUITS • BODYPAINTING • INFUSED WATER ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪●Goamonie presents nights with various national and international artists. From goa trance over straight forward progressive psy to driving full on, there will be something for every psychedelic spirit.₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪●Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Line Up Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ TBA ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪●Completely selfmade Deko by Hannah Süß, Mara Sottorf, Liesken Müller & Lisa Nordmeyer₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪●No dress codeHarmonic attitudeOver 18's only - please bring ID!Start 23h/8€Lasers, strobes and smoke effects are used at this event.₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪●´¨*:• . ● ☮ ॐ η α ๓ α ş t є ॐ ☮ ●. •:*´¨