• Jango Edwards | Hannover

  • Do, 30.03.2017 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Capitol Hannover
    Schwarzer Bär 2
    30449 Hanover
Jango Edwards | Hannover - Capitol Hannover - Hannover

His name is Edwards, Jango Edwards…The famous King of Clowns, which preaches laughter, spreading his gospel far and wide across the continents like a missionary serving the gods of humor and frenzy.He will transport you into a world where there are no limits.He will transports you into a world where there are no limits. This exceptional American artist who has already abolished borders of laughter, triumph on all continents, whatever the language of his audience … The fantasy doesn’t need visa!Jango Edwards returns with his partner Cristi Garbo, flamboyant Catalan clown, to presents his best sketches but also amazing creations.As a great mass of laughter by Jango Edwards, which is way more than a simple clown that knows (better than anyone in the world) how to crush beer cans on his head or how to sprinkle his audience with eggs and party props, he’s one of the most generous artists of its generation, an artist who dedicated his entire career to the well-being of others.Jango Edwards, the most famous smile thief, has this following message to you:«Bring a wacky hat, a cool blouse or some totally crazy clothes and I… will have a nice little surprise for you my crazy friend… Step into our crrrazy house