• Lyanne & Joules the Fox

  • Mo, 02.07.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Kulturpalast Linden Nachtclub
    Deisterstr. 24
    30449 Hanover
Lyanne & Joules the Fox - Kulturpalast Linden Nachtclub - Hannover

LYANNE (Pop, Mannheim)JOULES THE FOX (Folk-Pop/Hannover)Lyanne:we are the night and the lightwe experience highs and depthswe are sinners and saintswe are human and music is our languageLYANNE xJoules:Joules the Fox's music could be described as atmospheric folk-pop - if only foxes would fit into boxes. This fox fits on stages and streets, bars and boats, rooftops and rooms - and so Joules roams and sings her songs and tells her tales.Her up-coming debut album ‘Blue Hour’ will take you with her to a little island at dawn, over to a windy city, up the hill to the fox’ burrow and down roads leading to ‘now here’. It is easy to get lost in her music and the stories she paints. An artist with a voice of many colours, warmth and brilliance, that stays in the ear and in the heart.