• S2D Company Auditions 2k19

  • Sa, 08.09.2018 ab 14:30 Uhr
  • Start to dance - Community Class Hannover
    Vahrenwalder Straße 195A
    30165 Hanover
S2D Company Auditions 2k19 - Start to dance - Community Class Hannover - Hannover

S2D Company Auditions:14:30-16 Uhr for a selected team (adults small group)for 2019 Hip Hop International Team.Providing you high quality training in dance styles & choreography - learning from the best teachers all around germany and pushing you to the limit - quality is key - be part of the S2D community.16-17:30 Uhr for the S2D show team providing job opportunitys, videoshoots and a theater peace we will perform in the end of January 2019 - BE YOU CAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE IS TAKEN.Be there or keep 👀Register via mail: start2dance@gmx.deXx,Start2Dance