• Leather Strip & Paralyzzer + Aftershowparty

  • Fr, 27.12.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • SubKultur - Hannover
    Engelbosteler Damm 87
    30167 Hanover
Leather Strip & Paralyzzer + Aftershowparty - SubKultur - Hannover - Hannover

Leather Strip besuchen die Subkultur zur EBM Christmas!Support kommt von Paralyzzer!Tickets unter:www.deinetickets.de/shop/skh/de/start/undEventim.de LEAETHER STRIP is the solo-project of the legendary Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. First signed by the German Electro Label Zoth Ommog in 1989, LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90's. Leæther Strip has been and still is a big inspiration to many of todays younger acts and is still one of the most productive and most busy live acts in the scene. Leæther Strip concerts are very uptempo and energetic, and he plays lots of his classic hits like "Strap me down", "Dont tame your soul" and so many more.First release 1989. "Japanese Bodies", and over 30 + albums has been released since then. Latest album is the 2018 album "World Molæster". www.leather-strip.comwww.facebook.com/pages/Leaether-Strip/44724618037?ref=tshttp://leaetherstrip.bandcamp.com/