• Rocker Live: "Bashdown" Friday the 13th, a new set of problems!

  • Fr, 13.12.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Rocker
    Reuterstraße 5
    30159 Hanover
Rocker Live: "Bashdown" Friday the 13th, a new set of problems! - Rocker - Hannover

Friday the 13th, a new set of problems! :❗❗❗BASHDOWN:❗❗❗In 2018 it begun just out of fun and became pretty soon a serious player in brutal Hardcore /metal genre. Even if Bashdown is a kind of newbie they can rely on experienced musicians and a clear vision about how brutal but groovy music should sound like. Bashdown is quite fast in writing ambitious songs for a full length album.The first live appearances (e.g. support for Winds of Promise, Hate Squad, Warpath) are completed successfully and demonstratestrikingly that Bashdown transports the energy to the stage you can hear on A.N.S.O.P. “To The T” This Song puts it in a nutshell.Straight forward with an in your face attitude! Frankly said :Bashdown.With their debut Album “A New Set Of Problems” short A.N.S.O.P. the five musicians from Hanover / Germany give proof how Metal / Hardcore sounds 2019.The razor sharp lyrics with the voice from vocalist Helge Haß and the dueling riffing of both guitar players Martin Blankenburg und Thomas Steinert paired with the grooving bass from Flo Krause and the apocalyptic drums of Helge Dolgener are the perfect“Anger MGMT” for our stressful society.Songs like “Karma” or “Relationshit” are a merciless description of our present world. The first live appearances are completed successfully and demonstrate strikingly that Bashdown transports the energy to the stage you can hear on A.N.S.O.P.“Bad News” an anthem, deals with prejudices about tattoos and the bands lifestyle in a sarcastic manner. “Life´s Short” a song for the bikers and skaters, with personal lyrics from Helge Haß about his time as a pro skateboarder and for a special friend who left this earth way too early.A.N.S.O.P contains 11 songs and is availableon limited coloured vinyl digipack CD and on all digital platforms on the 13th of September 2019 and available for pre order on the 9th of August 2019.Info:https://www.bashdown.dehttps://m.facebook.com/Bashdown-370683620174193/https://www.instagram.com/bashdown_band/?hl=dehttps://www.reverbnation.com/bashdown9View:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxLKZf6oEbz2BGre02kulBQEinlass. 20:00UhrStart: 22.00UhrEintritt 8;- Euro an der Abendkasse solange der Vorrat hält!!!In "THE FINEST AUTENTIC CULT ROCK CLUB IN THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT OF HANNOVER!!!"REUTERSTR.5 - STEINTOR - HANNOVERMehr auch unter: www.rocker-hannover.de