• PAN Klubnacht w/ Rauschhaus

  • Fr, 22.11.2019 ab 23:00 Uhr
    Engelbosteler Damm 7
    30167 Hanover
PAN Klubnacht w/ Rauschhaus - KLUB PAN - Hannover

Die KLUBNACHT bietet euch freitags das Feinste der Region im Bereich der elektronischen Tanzmusik. Treibende Beats und studentenfreundliche Preise geben den Nachtschwärmern unter euch ein neues Wohnzimmer. See you there!LINE UPRauschhausParquet | Einmusika | Suarahttps://soundcloud.com/rauschhausStabletoneOptionshttps://soundcloud.com/stabletoneDj and Producer Moritz Rausch aka Rauschhaus hails from the town Kiel, near Hamburg, Germany. As a passionatemusician he plays a variety of instruments, andconcentrates on different genres of music. Making music always took abig place in his life and was always part of it. He started to produce electronic music in the year 2009. Seeking theexcitement and the Energy of the clubscene in Kiel and Hamburg he got fascinated by the power of House-Music withall its different styles and faces and his horizons began to broaden. 2016 was an important year for him. After yearsof experimenting he finally developed his unique style of music, full of trippy atmospheres, paired with melancholy andwarm dreamy patterns. People often say that his productions are dark and bright at the same time. Releases on highlyregarded labels like Steyoyoke, Parquet Records, Einmusika or Traum Schallplatten, speak for themselves. Moritzplays lots of venues, to more and more acclaim. His love of rich, energetic club music full of texture, life and heartpropels him to work more and more. His work as a Dj allows him to bring his style of music to an increasingly largeaudience