• #6–15: The Overflow Archives + Optionaler Tisch

  • Fr, 31.07.2015 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Fantasy Kolosseum Heidelberg
    Poststraße 36/7
    69115 Heidelberg
#6–15: The Overflow Archives + Optionaler Tisch - Fantasy Kolosseum Heidelberg - Heidelberg

Beneath the Grand Lodge of Absalom lie the vaults, a series of storerooms and libraries that contain much of the Society’s findings from the past centuries. Cataloguing the sundry relics and texts takes time, and finds requiring closer study find their way to an extensive vault called the Overflow Archives. Soon after a pair of initiates sneaks into the archive and steals a few items on a dare, the complex inexplicably springs a leak. It is up to the PCs to investigate this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it before thousands of priceless documents are ruined forever.Content in “The Overflow Archives” also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Dark Archive faction.Sollten ausreichend Spieler anwesend sein, wird Andi Be einen zweiten Tisch anbieten (Hall of the Flesh Eaters / ein 3-7er). BITTE MELDET EUCH FÜR BEIDES HIER AN!