• Walpurgis Night (by AEGEE and ESN Heidelberg)

  • Do, 30.04.2015 ab 17:00 Uhr
  • Neckarwiese Heidelberg
    69118 Heidelberg
Walpurgis Night (by AEGEE and ESN Heidelberg) - Neckarwiese Heidelberg - Heidelberg

Join AEGEE+ESN and thousands of others this Thursday for the Thingstätte! It is an amazing festival hosted in an old amphitheater to celebrate two holidays, Walpurgis Night, which dates back to the 8th century in honor of celebrating witches, and May 1st, Germanys labor day, so no classes on Friday! The night will be filled with campfires, good company, fire breathers, and drum circles. It is truly an amazing celebration that is unique to Heidelberg, so be sure not to miss it!!

Meeting point: Neckarwiese at 5:00pm (weather permitting) to enjoy BBQ and drinks. Please bring your own grill supplies and refreshments.

Since there are going to be a lot of other groups we probably will not be able to stick together all the time. Please make sure to stay close to people you know and try to arrange a meeting point to get back....

Don’t forget to bring for yourself:

• Warm clothing (check weather report) • Flashlight for the way back (it’s really dark) • Bring your own drinks and food (there are no vendors) • Comfortable shoes • a blanket to sit on the stone stairs

We can't wait to celebrate this special night with all of you, your AEGEE and ESN Heidelberg Teams!