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  • Jazzhaus Heidelberg
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The Rosenbergs - Jazzhaus Heidelberg - Heidelberg

Unser großes Überraschungskonzert zur Mainacht!!!!!

Mozes Rosenberg - Solo Guitar, Johnny Rosenberg - Rhythm -Guitar & Vocals Sani van Mullem - Double Bass

The Rosenbergs spielen Gipsy Jazz aus der Tradition von Django Reinhardt sowie eigene Interpretationen von verschiedenen Artisten.

The Rosenbergs: Johnny Rosenberg, Mozes Rosenberg and Sani van Mullem formed the most talented Young generation from the Rosenberg-family. The Rosenbergs joined their forces and bring you modern jazz, but also standards from the repertoire of Django Reinhardt. New and fresh is the vocal contribution of the talented jazz singer Johnny Rosenberg when he brings you songs from the Great American Songbook. That they are eager and well up to the task proves their debut album ‘Obsession’, released on the Sinti Music Records label.The master lead guitarist from the trio, Mozes Rosenberg, was born into the famous Rosenberg family and brother of Stochelo. As a little boy he met Paco de Lucia and took a master class of Joe Zawinul.He is a very demanded guest musician and played many concerts alongside of his brother Stochelo in the Rosenberg Trio. Johnny Rosenberg is the rhythm guitarist and singer of this trio. Like his fellow musicians he also began playing the guitar at a very early age and toured with Jimmy Rosenberg in the Gipsy Kids and Sinti. They were supporting band for James Brown and Mariah Carrey. He competed with his Trio Johnny Rosenberg in the National Song- festival contest and conquered 3rd place with a self composed song. They performed on many festivals, both national and international. The other machine in the rhythm section is bass player Sani van Mullem. He also already made his first footsteps in music at an early age and toured as part of the Gipsy Boys. His bass lines are phenomenal and he shows great skill on the ‘Ready ‘n Able’ album, which he recorded with Mozes and Stochelo Rosenberg, with whom he toured extensively through France.In 2009 ‘Johnny & Mozes Rosenberg’ started with modern jazz. The acoustic guitar was traded in for a jazz guitar, which doesn’t mean that they said goodbye to Gipsy Jazz, but they also wanted to explore different kinds of jazz. They played several times at the Edison Jazz Awards, which gained them a theatre tour together with master pianist Rob van Bavel. Recently toured The Rosenbergs with Joke Bruis and Frits Landesbergen in theatres in Holland and together released the album ‘On the Road’. In the past theater season (2013) there were successful concerts with The Rosenberg Trio.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y47jKn3pFGg&feature=youtu.be Spain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iZzHpfWKrY&feature=youtu.be Sunny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkafZNzW6oY Valse a Bamboula http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L_CGBK3tIQ Djangos Tiger ( Mozes Teaching )