• Heidelberg Monthly Meeting and Discussion

  • Fr, 03.08.2018 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Zum Achter
    Neuenheimer Landstraße 3a
    69120 Heidelberg
Heidelberg Monthly Meeting and Discussion - Zum Achter - Heidelberg

Please join us for an enjoyable evening of food, drink and lively political discussion! Also, Nancy will demonstrate how phone-banking works so that if anyone is interested in calling some members, he or she can see how it works. It would be great if you'd RSVP so the restaurant has a rough idea of how many are coming.Further information about public transportation and parking: Public transportation access is good. Bismarckplatz is only ~5 mins by foot. Also, bus stop Bergstraße is directly in front of the building (bus line 34).If you’re driving, the parking garage Parkhaus Brückenkopf Neuenheim is adjacent to the restaurant, and there is a limited number of parking spots alongside Uferstraße.