• Career Paths in Today’s Pharma Industry

  • Sa, 17.11.2018 ab 08:30 Uhr
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Career Paths in Today’s Pharma Industry - DKFZ Careers - Heidelberg

What do I know about functions and postions in industry? How can I read job ads? How are decisions made?For many life scientists in academia the biotech & pharmaceutical industry is a ‘black box‘. Globally acting enterprises appear like organizational monsters, their processes of drug research & development are intransparent and job postings are difficult to understand. This course is designed to shed light on the global biotech & pharma industry and to illustrate potential career paths for scientists in this environment. In this training you will learn: - what the general trends in today’s health care industry are - how the business model of biotech & pharma companies differs from each other and what it means for their employees - how biotech & pharma companies are structured - what entry points to industry exist for scientists - how typical career tracks in industry look like - how decisions in a global pharma company are made The theoretical knowledge you receive will be complemented by interactive sessions and exercises in small groups. In a case study you will have the opportunity to experience yourself how decisions are made in a pharma company. Trainers: Dr. Tilo Senger and Dr. Daniel Gau. Both freelance trainers have graduated at the DKFZ. Since then, they have held various positions in the venture capital, pharmaceutical & biotech industry. Both trainers currently work as management consultants for a global pharmaceutical and chemical company. They are experienced with developing & conducting international trainings. / kgbInfo: careers@dkfz.deRegister on http://logaportal/maportal