• EMBL Advanced Course: Software Carpentry

  • Do, 05.11.2015 ab 06:00 Uhr
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    Meyerhofstr. 1
    69117 Heidelberg
EMBL Advanced Course: Software Carpentry - EMBL Events - Heidelberg

Computation is an integral part of today's research as data has grown too large or too complex to be analysed by hand. An ever growing fraction of science is performed computationally and many wet-lab biologists spend part of their time on the computer. Many scientists struggle with this aspect of research as they have not been properly trained in the necessary set of skills. The result is that too much time is spent using inefficient tools when progress could be faster. This course aims to teach basic software skills and best practices to researchers in biology who wish to analyse data. The goal is to enable them to be more productive and make their science better and more reproducible.TopicsIntroduction to Python scriptingIntroductionto the Unix shell and usage of cluster resourcesVersion control with git and githubUnit testing