• Level Of Intimacy —Timnah Sommerfeldt, Candy Pollard, Ben UFO.

  • Fr, 16.11.2018 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • Karlstorbahnhof
    Am Karlstor 1
    69117 Heidelberg
Level Of Intimacy —Timnah Sommerfeldt, Candy Pollard, Ben UFO. - Karlstorbahnhof - Heidelberg

Level Of Intimacy— Timnah Sommerfeldt (Home), Candy Pollard (WTF), Ben UFO (Hessle Audio).With Timnah Sommerfeldt and Candy Pollard we're going to bring back two of our former guests and close friends. Both musically active for more than a decade in their hometowns, Timnah in Basel with her current residency at Elysia and Candy with his Who The Fuck series in Heilbronn, they have also both been invited to contribute to our third guest's radioshow and played together with him on numerous occasions before so it was a quick decision to put them side by side again. Coming from London, United Kingdom, Ben UFO doesn't need any further introduction amongst most people interested in electronic music and we are more than happy to present you the co-founder of the renowned Hessle Audio label and easily one of the best and most versatile selectors around.https://soundcloud.com/timnah-sommerfeldthttps://soundcloud.com/candypollardhttps://soundcloud.com/benufo