• Martti Mäkkelä-Grand Performance

  • So, 27.10.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Die neue Fledermaus
    Am Künstlerhaus 20
    76131 Karlsruhe
Martti Mäkkelä-Grand Performance - Die neue Fledermaus - Karlsruhe

Extraordinäre und extravagante Live Music-Performance mit Singer/Songwriter Märtti Mäkkelä:Marrti MÄKKELÄ (FIN)Mäkkelä, Germany based Finnish songwriter/performer, is for sure one of the extravaganzas ofEurope's singer/songwriter scene. Four critically acclaimed full length albums (and numerouscontributions) under his belt the charming eccentric is constantly touring the clubs all overEurope. A truly unique live act, melting edgy lofi-folk anthems, his punk-folk roots and avaudeville twinkle into a stunning folk noir brew. This combined with his characteristic songwritingand exceptional guitar-style earned him in 2017 a nomination for Germany's European FolkAward. On stage Mäkkelä delivers a mesmerizing acoustic performance on mostly guitar and irishbouzouki. Significantly different to most of the average singer/songwriter stuff. Exceptionallyintense songs and a hi-energy live performance that reminds at times of aStrummer-meets-Cohen-meets-Waits kind of thing. Over the last three years Mäkkelä has been touring successfullysolo in Canada, Scandinavia, Eastern and Central Europe. Mostly solo on his own, occasionallywith like-minded artists like Geoff Berner (CAN), Johnny Campbell (UK), Wax Mannequin (CAN),Faarao Pirttikangas (FIN) or Nightbird (FIN)"This album grows on you with each listen and is a definite musos album. With definite echoes ofTom Waits, Leonard Cohen and the booze lashed, cigarette stinking romanticism of ShaneMacGowan's lyrics, Mäkkelä takes a less trodden path and invites you on his journey in search fora 'Homeland'."https://soundcloud.com/maekkelaehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_eHFKFkITM&feature=youtu.be