• Cocktail Harbor Sessions (vol. 2)

  • Do, 12.09.2019 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Electric Eel
    Werderstraße 35
    76137 Karlsruhe
Cocktail Harbor Sessions (vol. 2) - Electric Eel - Karlsruhe

Back by popular demand! Join Steffen, Tim and Magus for an evening of jazz, funk and yacht tunes tinged with a Scofield/Hancock attitude. More about our players....Steffen Schuhmacher - Electric PianoSteffen is a sick jazz piano player. Though some mistake him for Fozzie Bear from the Muppets his piano skills are less comedic but can be described as serious chops! He almost became a chemistry teacher but decided to rock out on the piano, so buckle up cause this madman will mix some explosive cocktails on the Wurlitzer for you!Tim Lehmann - DrumsTim is the one person I know that can pull off wearing a red Ferrari cap with a pink sweater while playing a drum groove that will keep your feet busy. His vivid drumming will make every jam feel like an organic homegrown stew of all the delicious stuff you are craving for.Magnus Sauer - BassMagnus is a certified weird person. He knows more about early Supertramp than he does the Rolling Stones. He sometimes plays the synth, sometimes the hammond, sometimes the upright bass. This time he'll pull out his pocket player skills on the electric bass to keep your heads bopping.