• Earthcake - Dj Mostrow - Paris

  • Sa, 17.11.2018 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Monk Bar & Musicclub
    Hirsch Strasse 18
    76133 Karlsruhe
Earthcake - Dj Mostrow - Paris - Monk Bar & Musicclub - Karlsruhe

Samstag 17.11.2018Earthcake: Dj Mostrow (Acetate - Paris)All night Long!! ab 21 bis 5 Uhr - bis 23:30 Eintritt frei danach 5€We invite you to celebrate with us the first Earthcáke session, a new Housy/Funkadelic concept introduced in ourlovely Monk bar-club. For the 1st round, we couldn´t think of a better match than Mostrow (Acetate, Paris) , to make us travel between Earth and Spacewith tropicals and industrial beats from all ages.All the music aficionados of Monk want to come closer to you though eclectic and groovy journeys :)The season promises to be hot, so come sweat with us!!Of Tunisian origins, Mostrow fell in love with house music at a young age. When he was 13 he dicovered artists such as David Morales, Roger Sanchez and Kerri Chandler. At the time, he got inspired by the Classic House of Strictly Rhytm. He has played in interesting venues in the South of France such as the Galeries Lafayette Rooftop in Toulouse, which turns into a dancefloor every Friday with the Sushi Shop's Afterworks.Mostrow enjoys combine all genres of music going from classic house to disco beats or full-bore techno to the dancers in every of his sets. As well in 2012, he hosted some famous events held in the beaches of Tunisia such as Hype and Groovy. He recently played in Italy, Milan. He was resident DJ of the famous bar Couleur de la Culotte in Toulouse. Mostrow made recently an apparition in UK at Junk club and Horse & Groom London, he is now living in Paris.Being a Vinyl enthusiastic, He has shared turntables with artists such as Derrick May, Art Department, Jeremy Underground, Oskar Offermann, Kez YM and many others..