• Death By Horse + The Pathogens

  • Mi, 17.04.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Alte Hackerei
    Alter Schlachthof 11a
    76131 Karlsruhe
Death By Horse + The Pathogens - Alte Hackerei - Karlsruhe

Death By HorseThe Swedish Punk Rock band "Death By Horse" comes to town with their brand new album "Reality Hits Hard". It is like punch in your face, in a good way! Their debut album "This Too Shall Pass" was rel​eased in 2016 and has been streamed around 1.000.000 only on Spotify. In 2017 they were nominated for "Newcomers of the Year" during the Manifest Gala in Sweden. Now in 2019 they release "Reality Hits Hard" on Twisted Chords and will be on tour and play with bands like “The Casualties”, “Teenage Bottlerocket”, “Agnostic Front” to name some.This is what Polytox Zine wrote about them: "Death By Horse aus Schweden sind zurück! Mit einem sensationellen zweitem Album: „Reality hits hard“ sprüht vor Energie, Spielfreude und Lebenslust. Ultramelodischer, eingängiger und hit-lastiger Punkrock, der sofort im Ohr bleibt. Irgendwo zwischen den großen schwedischen Melody-Core-Bands der 1990er, ihren Landsleuten von Baboon Show, den besten Rancid-Momenten und längst vergessenen Bands wie Dover oder Tilt. Getragen durch die einzigartige, packende und prägnante Stimme von Sängerin Jahna brennen Death by horse ein Feuerwerk ab: Alle Fäuste in die Luft und ab geht`s! Simpel, kurzweilig, eingängig und so unglaublich gut."The PathogensThe Pathogens are a punk band from Oakland, California comprised of beloved veterans of the east bay punk scene who have been playing in bands for most of their lives. They’re known for their provocative, high energy shows, and they stand out from other bands.The band is not unique because they have two singers with their own special strengths, but also because they’re not afraid to dip into different musical genres of influences. They throw whatever supports the idea of a song into one big petri dish, the product of which is a new virulent strain of chaos and political poetry.“Taking the added caginess of the first wave of Bay area punk and injecting their own crust and pop-punk influences, The Pathogens are able to walk the tightrope anchored by heavy social messages on one end and whimsical chaos on the other…” – punknews.org