• HALLO, World

  • Fr, 14.06.2019 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • Luis Leu
    Luisenstrasse 32
    76137 Karlsruhe
HALLO, World - Luis Leu - Karlsruhe

Even if you don’t get in touch frequently, even if you live far away, the presence of a friend who you can always have conversation in peace mustbe irreplaceable for everyone. She is one of those friends for me.Last year, I had an opportunity to hold an exhibition in hometown. Then I requested her to work on all the practical operation of exhibition after I only sent some of my works. And, there was no anxiety at all. It is because I always have a conviction that there is an aesthetic point in common between her and me in some way extremely sensuous level. It may be due to our longstanding trusted relationship, or it may purely owing to her keen sensitivity. If I mention extremely personal momentary deep emotion, I don’t think this feeling could always convey to the other with complete accuracy. ̶For instance, the relationship between a peanut and a single hair on the desk. ̶ What mightbe there are some kind of relief called abstract sympathy and a little bit of “gap”. When the small gap emerges as an aesthetic work in mutual relationship, I think it will arise as something like a delicate vibration containing fragility not only as a misunderstanding. We welcome this kind of mysterious harmony existing with swaying fragility in our creations. And I earnestly hope it becomes a thing which medicates various vibrations happening not only between her and me but also between a small room onthe island where she does her work every day and an exhibition space on the other side of the earth where you visit.Soma Mizutani