• Down with the Gypsies, Monday Joe, Maneki Neko im KAP

  • Fr, 21.02.2020 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • KAP
    Kapellenstraße 68
    76131 Karlsruhe
Down with the Gypsies, Monday Joe, Maneki Neko im KAP - KAP - Karlsruhe

Maneki NekoManeki Neko stammt ürsprünglich aus einem MusikProjekt aus Mannheim.Michelle ist die Gitarristin und Sängerin , lebt jetzt mit ihrer Band in Karlsruhe und holt ihre inspiration aus dem Desertrock , Krautrock und Punk.Steve der Saxophonist verfeinert das ganze mit seinen orientalischen Klängen.Der Schlagzeuger David bringt das Feuer und eine menge tanzbarer grooves mit.Seid gespannt auf eine Explosive Mischung die irgendwie auch Grunge und etwas Psychdelicrock vereint.Undefinierbar geschmeidig und auch mystisch.Monday Joe and the freaks of the weekFounded in the depths of the port of Karlsruhe, the band started in 2018 to pull out some heavy-psych fuzzy sounds underlined with two deeply reverb-filled vocals. But meanwhile lots of different influences forming their unique songs. You’ll get some surfy 60s garagefood with headshaking appetizers.Down with the GypsiesIf you want to put your mind on hold for a while, and dive deep into land or even a planet far far away... divein deep DOWN WITH THE GYPSIES.This is the kind of music, which just wants you to stand still and feel lost in time and space for a while. But you won't be lost. They will be there with you. For you. And they will be stuck in your mind.This ancient, warm voice of singer Gaba and her polish roots that holds you like a mother is holding her child, surrounded by a cosmic dreamy atmosphere. It’s like a movie soundtrack. Lean back! Let go!Theirfirst full length KASSIOPEIA was released in July 2017. Have a comfy one on your magic flying carpet of flute filled dreams. Dreams of blues, folk and krautrock.Beginn 20UhrEintritt 6€