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bless sex in excessPrepare an ink of pure & genuine saffron mixed with rose-water, adding if possible some blood from a black rooster. In a darkened room furnish an altar with a bowl of the ink, a pen with an iron nib, 5 heavy candles, an incense burner, & some benzoin. The charm may be written on virgin paper or parchment. Draw the diagram at 11 p.m. on a Friday night, facing North.➰Ada Luvv (Fettschmelze)www.soundcloud.com/adalovvve➰JWLRY (halo) www.soundcloud.com/lintulintu➰Chaos Angel (76666) www.soundcloud.com/pinkfatbuddha➰double u cc (Trouble in Paradise)www.soundcloud.com/ccdoubleu➰Super Venus (Die Anstoß) www.soundcloud.com/super_venus➿Artwork: Bárbara Acevedo Strangewww.instagram.com/bbastrange/➿Visuals: Get Bent (Maxi Club, NL)www.vimeo.com/user70286642