• Sonntags Geballer OR und Vlněna

  • So, 12.11.2017 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Kulturzentrum K19
    Moritzstraße 19
    34127 Kassel

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OR Or is a noise-rock trio from Prague, CZ. Started in 2008, they´ve released, except of many compilations, collaborations, EP´s and a 7“ split, two regular albums, both released on czech independent label Silver Rocket. The last one, released in May while supporting Pontiak in Prague, is called „Jaro“ („Spring“) and have gained very positive responses throughout the czech punk scene and connected websites, zines & radios. As the biggest influeneces both musically and philosophically, the band memebers mention Dischord records, old Amphetamine Reptile bands, and many many of other punk/hardcore/noise/stoner/metal/indie bands, among others Shellac, Karate, Neurosis, Akimbo... All of these may create the concrete varieties of Or´s sound. Since 2011 Or have toured regularly and played in more than 10 european countries. When playing back home in Czech republic, the band often supports benefit shows for czech anti-fascist, social or animal rights movements and campaigns.

www.ornoise.wordpress.com https://soundcloud.com/ornoise


VLNĚNA Vlněna named themselves after an old textile factory in Brno, CZ. More than a musical inspirations, the aim of this band was to describe their favourite places and events in the city while playing the music they like. Therefore most of the songs of the band are about exact spots in their hometown, illegal gigs in the countryside, or it´s just re-written poems or claims sprayed on the walls of the city. Musically, the three-piece comes from similar roots as Or, but the final conversion of songs is slightly different – sharp guitars reffer sometimes to Botch or Narrows, while the use of a crappy synthesizer gives props to bands like The VSS or The Make-Up. Since their beginning in 2013, Vlněna have released a split casette with another czech band Kurac and currently is finalizing their full-lenght debut, which they will present on the November tour. Unlike Or, Vlněna has also skills to play accoustic shows - therefore the B-side of the full-length is accoustic too (find and example on the link below).

www.tohlemestomaka.wordpress.com https://tape-ty.bandcamp.com/album/kurac-vln-na-split

https://youtu.be/zzjRE4vimXY https://youtu.be/RgGLg9wdHk0