• 6. X-MAS Kizomba Gala Kassel 2019 Elite Edition

  • Do, 12.12.2019 ab 22:00 Uhr
  • Orangerie. | Karlswiese.
    20C An der Karlsaue
    34121 Kassel
6. X-MAS Kizomba Gala Kassel 2019 Elite Edition - Orangerie. | Karlswiese. - Kassel

SAVE THE DATE 12.-16. December 2019Kassel goes Kizomba Gala -X-MAS Edition No.6 " ♥ Line up DJ´s- DJ Madiss (FR)- DJ Lenhy (FR)- DJ Sai Sai (FR)- DJ Stefanio Lima (NL)- DJ On Fire (NL)- DJ Dameri (NL)- DJ Delahoy (UK)- DJ Narc6 (GER)- DJane Iris Wo (GER)Line up Teacher - Vie & Sir J (Paris) - Tchint & Janina (Lux / DE)- Chamalo & Myrti (NL) - Donald Wilson (Kamerun / DE) - Stone´s & Sabine (DE)Official Photographer: - Farantini (NL) - Suzie Geißler (DE) ...more are coming soon ....Hotels: 1. Inter City Hotel Kassel The Inter City Hotel is with Shuttle -which have to be paid- to the Venue Orangerie (Distance to Orangerie: 4.3 km)Hotel-Prices: 4 nights without breakfast: - Single Room 296,- € (Breakfast +40 €)- Double Room 336,- € (Breakfast +80 €)3 nights without breakfast- Single Room 216,- € (Breakfast +30 €)- Double Room 246,-€ (Breakfast +60 €)2 nights without breakfast- Single Room: 148,- € (Breakfast +20 €)- Double Room: 168,-€ (Breakfast +40 €)How to book the Hotel?1. Please send us an Email to: kizombagala.kassel@gmail.comwith the following details:- Which pffer you want? - Which Days you stay? (from thursday or friday for example)- Both full names (needed for the Hotel).... After that you receive an answer via Email, where you will find the payment details (PayPal or Bank account number)... When we received your payment, you will get the Hotel-confirmation via Email.Shuttle Passes for Inter Hotel will be online in a couple of weeks. Please book in advance. During the Event the Shuttle Pass will be more expensive, because we can not plan the shifts and how many shuttles we need.*************************************************************To be up to date about the whole Event, please connect with our Facebook-Page: https://www.facebook.com/kizomba.kassel/https://www.facebook.com/Kizomba-Gala-Kassel-1305845642824715/