• Local Affairs pres. E-Oma x Miles Borghese (Club Unten/ Kassel)

  • Mi, 02.08.2017 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • Kleiner Onkel
    Mombachstrasse 47
    34127 Kassel
Local Affairs pres. E-Oma x Miles Borghese (Club Unten/ Kassel) - Kleiner Onkel - Kassel

Local Affairs pres.E-Oma (Club Unten/Kassel)https://soundcloud.com/e-omaMilès Borghese (Club Unten/Kassel)https://soundcloud.com/miles-borgheseKassel and its local heroes, nothing we should hide. We support the new and have much in common with our local heroes. E-Oma is not a Grandma in electric chair, its a Musician Andreas Störmer which found his home in electronic music, after a successful years in Punkrock and Indie Scene. As a Dj and Producer E-Oma is in love doing music experiments in his own Studio. By the way, he doesnt produce and work on tunes only for himself, he also welcomes a wellknown friends and big Names in music business like Singer- Songwriter Luisa or world famous Band Milky Chance, just to name a few! If you are looking for E-Oma, you can usually find him in his own Club Unten. Tonight he is going to be are our Guest, for a whole night…♥Starrt: 23:00come early and stay long... ♥yoursk.o.