• ♫ Ross Heseton + Léonie Risjeterre ♫

  • So, 23.04.2017 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • NEU / Kafé am Weinberg
    Frankfurterstrasse 54
    34121 Kassel
♫ Ross Heseton + Léonie Risjeterre ♫ - NEU / Kafé am Weinberg - Kassel

NEU / Kafé am Weinberg23.04.2017------------------------------------------------------------------------• Ross Heselton •Strasbourg, FR / Soleils Bleus, VIEFolk, Singer-Songwriter, Poetry Standing somewhere between the troubadour and the translator, possessed by songs rather than their possessor, Ross Heselton experiences music as a conviction. His concerts are celebrations, communions, urges of life— traversed by stories, songs, ghosts and poetry, where it is possible to smile, to weep, to laugh and sometimes even dance.Of British origin, he has lived in England, Dordogne and Bordeaux before migrating to Strasbourg where he is a member of the collective Vie and co-founder of the micro-record label Soleils Bleus. Since 2010, he has given numerous concerts throughout and beyond France, and released (as author, performer and sometimes producer), no less than a dozen collection of poems and recordings, for the most part self-published.Links:https://vimeo.com/175196329https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifhDn34ONc4http://cargocollective.com/rossheselton/+• Léonie Risjeterre •Strasbourg, FR / Soleils Bleus, VIEFolk, Drone, Alsatian Primitive Guitar Léonie’s music inherits as much from Robbie Basho as it does from Zoviet France or Terry Riley. When she is not playing the twelve-string guitar, he draws and writes stories. With the twelve string guitar in hand, he crafts a repetitive music which allies rich drones with melodic arpeggios. Tresseterre (which could be translated as “weave of earth”, “braid of soil", or “earthweaver") is the name of the music she plays, that changes with each new tuning, but keeps it’s name. She is a co-founder of the micro-record label Soleils Bleus and part of the collective Vie.http://soleilsbleus.bandcamp.com/track/tresseterrehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4vDegNdUG0http://cargocollective.com/Leonierisjeterre/------------------------------------------------------------------------Ross and Léonie will also be performing:18.04.17 • Literární Kavárna Týnská • Prague (CZ)22.04.17 • Pizzini • Bamberg (DE) 28.04.17 • La Mine • Strasbourg (FR)And are looking for concerts in Dresden, Berlin, Leipzig... Or anywhere between Prague and Bamberg, on 19.04; 20.04; 22.04Spread the word! Spread the love!