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THE TRASH TEMPLARS60s Teenage Garage Punkhttps://www.facebook.com/TrashTemplars?fref=tshttp://www.reverbnation.com/thetrashtemplars"Nach langen Kreuzzügen kehren die Ritter nun endlich reich beladen zurück und präsentieren dem jubelnden Pöbel den heiligen Gral, der seit Urzeiten in einer dreckigen Mülltonne in der hintersten Ecke der Beatgarage verschollen war und nun herumgereicht wird, auf dass sich alle Ungläubigen an diesem musikalischen Nektar aus stampfenden Pebbles und Teenage Shutdown Beat-Punk laben und gemeinsam das Fuzz-Paradies erleben mögen."BRAINDEAD DOGSSurf - Instro Musikhttps://www.facebook.com/Braindeaddogshttps://myspace.com/braindeaddogs/music/songshttp://www.reverbnation.com/braindeaddogs"Their style is something different and unique. Since they first appeared in Bielefeld, (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) at the famed “Black Rose”, they managed to draw the attention of the whole crowd everywhere they performed... Their appearances at the Black Rose broke every existing record for the pub by drawing crowds of over four thousand screaming dancing fans every weekend each night down on to the Ocean Drive. .... The Braindead Dogs invented surf music in the 1970's. Not in the '80's as it is commonly believed. They were called “Braindead” by their fans, because of the totally stunning live-shows. The word “Dog” just came from their band-mascot “Oscar”, a very old and confused Dog. .... The Dogs met Fred Wilfer, who just founded the “Famous Framus Factory” . He asked the Dogs to play his new creation, the Framus “Strato Deluxe Guitar”. When Buddy and Laszlo picked up their Guitars, Fred Wilfer broke into uncontrolled laughter and disbelief. He was watching the guys plugging their electric guitars into some Echolette Electronic Echoes. But he stopped abruptly, when he heard that great “Schlicke-Schlacke Sound” they got out of this combination!.... Further, the Dogs bought an old drumset in the USSR and three “Echolette Showstar Amps” from some broke beat musicians to be independent from other Bands when they had to share the Stage..... During the 70s , the Braindead Dogs released a peck of hits on 7”. The first hit was “Braindead” in 1976, a quite trashy surf instrumental. One of the other great Hits was the motorcycle-hymn “Kahuna Dumpster" just to give some of the finest examples..... But in the 80s the Band vanished into thin air! Surf music was not longer requested by bookers and Radio Stations, everyone wanted to hear that „Neue Deutsch Welle“ stuff like Nenas „99 Red ballons“ . .. In the year 1994 “Pulp Ficition” was released in German cinemas and the Dogs seized the chance to get back into business! .. As one of the very first surfbands they got a major recorddeal in the mid 90s and opened the doors for upcoming garage surfbands like the Apeman and the Phantom Surfers of course. .... Today the Band is still existing and touring, wherever these guys perform, the stage is on fire and the crowd is going through the roof! Watch out and don’t miss the incredible reverb massacre of the .... ..BRAINDEAD DOGS !"