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MODERN PETS - Goldgrube Kassel - Kassel

MODERN PETS (77´ Punk, Berlin)Endlich wieder in unserer schönen Stadt!Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!https://www.facebook.com/modernpetshttp://modernpetssuck.blogspot.dehttps://soundcloud.com/modern-petshttp://modernpets1.bandcamp.comAfter 77 years of world-history Modern Pets are still part of the cosmic joke!With their shy-style mongo attitude they´ll get you to give them your last cigarette, your keys and all your cash. Along with Autofick they stab your back with a blast of new wave hipstershitpunk."Fortunately, there ain't nothing modern about the rotten Pet Sounds of these lose cannons... They lit their snot-filled crackerjacks on their cigarette butts and throw them straight into the face of all the yuppie scum and career advisors, covering the cities in good old Punkrock slime.", says a review.- Four good dudes, four instruments, four voices and some punk tunes and bad behaviour. This is what you actually really get here... old fashioned and boring, right?!Fuck off! Video - The Modern Pethttps://youtu.be/vpqfGuqnXNsVideo - Necessitieshttps://youtu.be/P3AFjyQ4TZU