• Kleiner Onkel w/ Harry Doe & Tizian Haas

  • Sa, 14.10.2017 ab 23:55 Uhr
  • Kleiner Onkel
    Mombachstrasse 47
    34127 Kassel
Kleiner Onkel w/ Harry Doe & Tizian Haas - Kleiner Onkel - Kassel

Kleiner Onkel w/Harry Doe (TKR / Die Raussens)Tizian Haas (Schallfabrik/Kassel)New breath and much power, Tizian and Harry are representing an powerfull techno volumes straight from Nordhessen. Harry with Release on Torsten Kanzler imprint TRK, already proved his touch for dark and industial techno approach. Established as a truly pianist his heart always needed more energy then piano stand alone could give him. Tizian is playin Techno since 6 years, truly Vinyl lover and always diggin in the crates for some new tunes and face which could give him some other vibe then a charted techno tracks. His approach is always having a party for many and not for himself! Show some love for this lovely dudes from your corner... ♥Open doors: 23:55hEntry: 3€KO♥