• Johnny Bob Band + Support: Monsieur Kocks Kuriosytätenkabinett

  • Sa, 28.03.2020 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • hansa48
    Hansastraße 48
    24118 Kiel
Johnny Bob Band + Support: Monsieur Kocks Kuriosytätenkabinett - hansa48 - Kiel

Johnny Bob is a ProgRock Band from northern Germany founded by brothers Jörg “Doctor Jest” Purfürst and Carsten Díaz. In the late 80s and early 90s the brothers headed their own school bands, who had dedicated themselves to ProgRock the like of Genesis, Yes or Marillion.They played with passion and dreamed of fame. The bands "Dawn Acrobats" and "Rivendell" disbanded as soon as the members graduated.20 years later. Jörg Purfürst collects the old songs from that garage days period. Video tapes, demos, sheet music serve as sources. Together with Carsten Díaz he arranges those "classics" anew. The stuff is recorded.The debut album "Carnival of the Brahma-Sox" sees its light of day in 2017 on “Kombüse Schallerzeugnisse”. In April 2019 the even more succesful second album "Fjodor and the Water Giant" follows. The 4-Track-EP "Hunted by a Caproid" is released in January 2020. An announcement for the third album "Egbert's Barber Shop" mentions summer 2020.Johnny Bob is: Jörg Purfürst (bass), Philip Mestwerdt (drums), Jürgen Ufer (guitar), Jan Brust (guitar, keyboards), Carsten Díaz (voice)Support:"Monsieur Kocks Kuriosytätenkabinett", ein "wundersamer Abend mit Liedern und Monstern". Das sind zwei der Drei Herren, sprich: Christian Kock und Ingo.