• Dopelord + Zqkmgdz

  • Di, 24.03.2020 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Die Kieler Schaubude
    Legienstr. 40
    24103 Kiel
Dopelord + Zqkmgdz - Die Kieler Schaubude - Kiel

DopelordFounded in late 2010 and currently based in Warsaw, Poland, Dopelord is a four-piece metal band revolving around all things stoner, doom and psych. They are heavily influenced by the genre quintessentials, ranging from old-school acts in the likes of Sabbath and Pentagram to contemporary classics such as Sleep and Electric Wizard."Ritual haze is rising in Dopelord´s kitchen once again. The DIY Stoner Doom legends from Poland are about to finish a new LP with the bold and expressive working title "ALL HAIL SATAN", which already whets the appetite for a highly significant record, coming this spring ! "10.000 km² gegen die ZeitNach ihren ersten beiden Alben „DimensionPlasma“ und „OrbitDualkraut“ kehren 10.000km² gegen die Zeit (ZQKMGDZ) im Frühjahr 2019 endlich mit ihrer neuen Platte „ABSOLUTELYZ“ zurück!