• Whitherward / Nashville, TN im Prinz Willy

  • Fr, 12.07.2019 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Cafe Prinz Willy
    Lutherstr. 9
    24114 Kiel
Whitherward / Nashville, TN im Prinz Willy - Cafe Prinz Willy - Kiel

Eintritt: 1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.BeschreibungThis is Ashley Norton from Whitherward, American internationally indie-folk/rock Americana touring duo. We have recently returned from a successful Subaru sponsored European tour, and are already booking our 2019 summer season. Here’s a little more about us! Edward Williams and I formed our duo in Nashville back in 2014. Shortly after, we put everything into storage and hit the road permanently on a full-time, non-stop tour around the world. We’ve been compared to a modern-day Simon & Garfunkel, with influences of rock, folk, jazz, classical and singer/songwriter. We are currently recording our sixth studio project. We have about ten official music videos and a ton of fun material you can watch on YouTube to get a feel of what we sound like. Here is an example below.Official music video play list (about 14 videos included): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWB6mw--VYhg96aa3h8NeY_f5Uy2f-3onFull show @ Soundgarden (duo acoustic set): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDZVwh4-MhI&t=11syoutube.com/whitherwardmusicfacebook.com/whitherwardmusicinstagram.com/whitherwardontourtwitter.com/whitherwardbandsoundcloud.com/whitherwardPhoto by Lulu Grace PhotographyHomepagehttp://www.whitherward.com VeranstaltungsortPrinz WillyLutherstraße 924114 Kielhttp://www.prinzwilly.de