• Ras Haitrm LIVE

  • Do, 27.08.2015 ab 21:30 Uhr
  • Acephale
    Luxemburger Str. 46
    50674 Cologne
Ras Haitrm LIVE - Acephale - Köln

Ras Haitrm, Mosambiks bekanntester Reggae Artist, wird für einige Tage in Deutschland sein und in Köln auftreten. Der neue Club Acephale bietet die optimale Atmosphäre für einen chilligen Mix aus Dub und HipHop Elementen sowie Dancehall und Roots Reggae.

Warm-up Roots Reggae and Dub Selection by Young Veteran Hifi Soundsystem

After Show Vibes with Mr.Thy (Midnight Colors/674.fm)

Biography: Ras Haitrm is considered one of the best reggae musicians in Africa. He shared the stage with Sean Paul, in Mozambique, and Capleton in South Africa. He is regularly present at the major festivals on the African continent and Brazil, as the Rocking the Daisies (South Africa), Bushfire Festival (Swaziland), Azgo Festival (Mozambique) The Web (Zambia), Cape Town World Festival (South Africa), Festival Alambique do Som (Brazil) and Macapá Reggae Festival (Brazil).

Ras Haitrms presence at the stage is a combination of rhythm and energy with moments of strong spirituality, turning his reggae concerts always into unique experiences with an authentic African flavour.

Ausführliche Bio: http://tchambalakate.de/ras-haitrm/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RasHaitrm Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rashaitrm