• PIM&CEMS goes VivaColonia

  • Sa, 14.02.2015 ab 10:00 Uhr
  • Asta Café
    Universitätsstraße 16b
    50937 Cologne
PIM&CEMS goes VivaColonia - Asta Café - Köln

Every year, thousands upon thousands of people choose to leave work, skip university and possibly come together to form a massive group to celebrate... The people come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. What do they celebrate?

Soon it will be that very special time again, when Cologne celebrates the 5th season of the year:

------------------------ C A R N I V A L -----------------------------

The whole city turns into one huge and insane party and so do we! Just like last year, we are delighted that we have the chance to share our beloved custom with you guys from all over the world. Although last year was already pretty good and fun, we are sure that we will rock Cologne even more this year.

We got a pretty cool location, the Asta-Café, near the main party street (Zülpcherstraße) just next to our campus and club house. We look forward to welcome you there in the morning at around 10am to kick off the day with the first Kölsch and some traditional carnival music from Cologne....obviously the party will start right away!

After some hours of getting ready for the craziest party in Cologne we will head to the Zülpicher where we will find a lot of bars, parties, drinks and even more drinks.

!!! Don't forget to dress up in a crazy way because you won't find anyone in Cologne without a costume during these days !!!

Entrance fee will be 2€ and you can buy drinks cheaply at the Café. Please also invite fellow CEMSies who are in Cologne at this time.

Can't wait and looking forward to an outstanding event,