• New Rumors feat. Nicola Hein

  • Mo, 18.05.2015 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • LOFT Köln
    Wissmannstr. 30
    50823 Cologne
New Rumors feat. Nicola Hein - LOFT Köln - Köln

Ada Rave - sax., Nicolas Chientaroli - piano, Nicola Hein - guit., Raoul von der Weide - bass

“New Rumours and Other Noises” is an instant composing trio formed in Amsterdam in the end of 2013. This group mixes playfulness and concentration - with the use of prepared instruments, extended techniques, voice and objects - into refractory and unprecedented sonic adventures. They are very active performing in the free improvisation scene from Amsterdam and around The Netherlands, and some times they invite other improvisers to join. Some of this improvisers are: Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Mars Williams, Jack Wright, Carlo Mascolo, Lina Allemano, Gianni Gebbia, Marialuisa Capurso and Mikaele Pellegrino, among others. This time they invited the great cologne-based guitarist Nicola Hein to share a tour that will take place in different places around Germany. They played together before in Amsterdam, and decided to go deeper into this musical relationship.