• Parkhopping #5 with ESN Köln

  • Mo, 29.06.2015 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Vorgebirgspark
    Kierberger Straße
    50969 Cologne
Parkhopping #5 with ESN Köln - Vorgebirgspark - Köln

Hello Sunshine! This is our new motto for the coming monday evenings!

We are going Parkhopping! This has two big advantages for you guys! 1) Seeing a new park and therefor a new part of Cologne every week! 2) More activities to get to know even more people! #ESNexperience

This Monday we will discover the Vorgebirgspark in Zollstock! We’ll meet near the basketball court (coordinates for navigation: 50°54'36.0"N 6°57'01.8"E) close to Kierberger Straße at 19:30 pm! Just take the „12“ to Gottesweg and walk down to the park! We’ll post our location as soon as we’re there!

What we already have: We’ll bring a barbecue (the thing with fire in it, no food! ), some games (such as football, volleyball, basketball, frisbee) and a lot of motivation to chill and play with you!

What we need: YOU!

Aaaand you need: blankets, beer, other games, food and fun!! Especially beer and food for the barbecue!

We are really looking forward to see you on monday!