• The House Husbands

  • Mi, 09.04.2014 ab 19:00 Uhr
  • KUNSTWERK - Köln/Deutz
    Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse 127-129
    51063 Cologne
The House Husbands - KUNSTWERK - Köln/Deutz - Köln

Kiron Khosla | Dan Mitchell

Eröffnung: 09.04.2014 | 19 Uhr ab 22 Uhr Party: DJ Set von Christian Aberle

Ausstellungsdauer: 10.04.2014 bis 03.05.2014 Do. 16 bis 20 Uhr | Sa. 15 bis 19 Uhr

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Dear Esq. George Alan Melly, The last Mick-straw has broken my feeble but patient back. I have endured your drunken and dissolute ways, your wanton waste of light, gas fire, hot bath water, horse radish, beans, lavatory water, your assumption that my library was yours, and that you had a right to read the New Statesman and the Obituaries in the World's Fair before me. I never said an unkind word when your thick head broke the witch bowl and Dumps' heart, nor when you, in your efforts to conquer Everest, pulled down the balcony next door. I tried to grin when you purloined the money from the telephone box and used my bath salts. When the house trembles at its foundations with your coughing, caused by your unchristian way of living, I do not complain, and have comforted myself with the reflection that every cough brings nearer the day of your demise. This letter is not a grumble. I have tried to be patient and understanding of a character that is a throw-back to the stone age and who would have been a joy to Freud. Alas, I am not Freud. I never reproached you when you made this house a doss for band boys and barrow spivs, nor when you plastered the walls of a lovely room with obscenities and childish scrawls, and notwithstanding that you occasionally paid the moderate rent asked for one room, persistently regarded the whole of the house, including the two telephones and the two lavatories, as exclusively your property. And the top landing. The horde of undesirables whom you have introduced into the house have pissed over the lavatories (not into) and worn threadbare with their hobnailed boots the stair carpet. I even have not been safe from the rest of your family who roost here and make the house smell abominably of Liverpool and gin, and Gibraltar rock. All these things I have borne with a sickly smile. My simple nature has assumed that it is proper for you to associate with such loose women as the

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