• Erasmus Welcome Event #2

  • Mi, 14.10.2015 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Universität zu Köln
    Albertus-Magnus-Platz (Uni-Hauptgebäu
    50923 Cologne
Erasmus Welcome Event #2 - Universität zu Köln - Köln

Hello everyone and welcome to Köln!

We are the Erasmus Student Network Köln, and we are working hard to make the best out of your time in our beloved city! For the next months, we will organise cultural events, trips, parties and more to give you a great time.

We will start the winter term with a short meeting. We will tell you who we are and what we have in store for you. We even might have some goodies for you! :)

This little event will take place in Hörsaal VIII, starting at 7.30pm. Just follow the signs to find the room!

After that, we will have a casual night out in a bar. Isn't that a great opportunity to meet some other Erasmus people as well as Germans?

See you there! Your ESN Köln Team