• Di, 20.05.2014 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Tsunami Club
    Im Ferkulum 9
    50678 Cologne

From the deepest depths of North London, and in particular Archway where they walk 'The Kentish Mile', come THE TEAMSTERS, the latest beat combo to hail from this great British city. As a label based in Hamburg, it was inevitable that Moody Monkey would release such a fantastic young and new band like The Teamsters, especially because there is no other band like them.

This Londoner trio are certainly anchored in today's beat sound, writing their own material in their special Teamsters' way, however with an undeniable 60s influence and worthy of their heroes who once roamed the slums of St. Pauli.

The mothers of these boys from London, Manchester and Copenhagen have (or so it seems) breastfed their offspring large doses of Mersey Beat and R'n'B. However this was not enough for them, and they completed their musical education at the elementary state school of The Milkshakes, The Kaisers and everything in-between; indie punkie influences also come through, which finally give them that raw, gross sound of a current garage band.

DEAD BEAT BOOGiES Seit 2010 jagen Dead Beat Boogies ihren Zeitgenossen feinsten Rock'n'Roll um die Ohren.Von Klassikern inspiriert aber von „Retro-Gepose“ genervt, trafen Tom (voc./guit.), Stefan (dr.) und Max (guit.) aufeinander um ihre eigenen Vorstellungen zu verwirklichen.

Seitdem bringt das kölner Trio die Meute zum toben und die Hi-Fi Anlagen zum bersten. Das Gebräu aus Blues, Boogie und Surf wird mit einer Höllen-Lautstärke und reichlich Schmackes serviert.

Verpasst nicht die Gelegenheit, euch davon live oder von Scheibe selbst zu überzeugen.

Vor und nach der grandiosen Live-Acts gibts heisses Plattenrodeo mit BEATMiKE, FACE B & HOLLY WOOD!