• Sunshinbarspecial: Seth Faergolzia live

  • Mi, 15.08.2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Community Organizationwemgehoertdiewelt@riseup.netGet Directions
    Krefelder Str. 107 / 0
    50670 Cologne
Sunshinbarspecial: Seth Faergolzia live - Community Organizationwemgehoertdiewelt@riseup.netGet Directions - Köln

Seth Faergolzia (New York) will be making his yearly round of Europe playing a couple festivals and bouncing around the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France with his new album "Loop Paintings", this time with a different sort of concert.He will be performing a varied cross-section of music spanning his 20 year songwriting career with Dufus / Multibird / Forest Creature / Heck Yup / 23 Psaegz. Seth will also be showing some of his new work involving:• Live Looping• Loop Painting (live painting with loops. on special occasions)• Soft Songs• Fresh Cuts written this past year• Music from his earlier repertoire