• Fran Snyder

  • Do, 11.06.2015 ab 20:00 Uhr
  • Kulturcafe Lichtung
    Ubierring 13
    50678 Cologne
Fran Snyder - Kulturcafe Lichtung - Köln

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Fran Snyder is a nomadic, genre-defying singer-songwriter on a mission to change the industry of music. His 20 year career of writing, recording, and touring includes much of the standard fare (clubs, colleges, theaters, etc.), but what sets Fran apart is a commitment to taking music to the living rooms of music fans around the world. His devotion to the "listening room" culture has resulted in an expansive community of websites that promote his ideas, while building an entirely new infrastructure for the touring troubadour. Good humor, solid guitar playing, and a voice that connects - serious fun!