• Fr, 23.10.2015 ab 23:00 Uhr
  • Club Subway
    Aachener Strasse 82-84
    50674 Cologne
LOOT "I GOT 5 ON IT" - Club Subway - Köln

Piep, Piep.

Who the fuck is this?! Pagin me at 5:46 in the mornin crack a dawnin now I'm yawnin, wipe the cold out my eye see who's this pagin me and why..

You know it ain't no stoppin all tha doggs I'm droppin It's Friday night , the 23.10., 23:00, so everythang is poppin. I got skin lets spin on da hand, So let tha games begin!

DON JAY /// Shake 'n Bake (Köln)

TOMSON /// æra popæra (Berlin) / Lyrics To Go (Köln)

RAP // OLDSCHOOL // BOOM BAP 23:00-00:30: 5€ later: 7€