• Mathias Schaffhäuser Live

  • Mi, 26.08.2015 ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Projekt 66
    Hansaring 66
    50670 Cologne
Mathias Schaffhäuser Live - Projekt 66 - Köln

Well, what about Mathias Schaffhäuser? This man looks back on a veritable and never ending live tour which led him to Buenos Aires, Rostock, Singapore, Offenbach, Chelyabinsk, St. Gallen and Trieste. What combines these more or less illustrious places, you may ask? Everywhere it was absolutely super cool, doesn't matter if the city was incredibly huge or at the country side. Schaffhäuser’s set kept throwing audiences off the curve. I mean, who squeezes techno and house tradition, spontaneous vocal performances, crude cover versions and melodica solos into a one-hour set, without constantly staring at a computer screen? But, from nothing nothing comes. Even before 1993 (does anyone remember this time?) Schaffhäuser sang and played guitar in several bands, so he knows how to rock the house. At Projekt 66 he will show his more housy and soulful side.

Facts + highlights from the past:

Mathias is around in the techno, house and minimal scene since 1994 and released on Force Inc., Definitive Records (house sub-label of Plus-8), Mo's Ferry Productions, Tic Tac Toe Rec., BluFin, Adjunct, WIR Recordings and many others. In 1997 he started his own record label WARE which released 95 EPs until now. 2001 saw his massive club hit "Hey Little Girl" which became one of THE anthems of the early 2000s and is on the life soundtrack of many music lovers.

2015 so far:

July saw the debut of PAWAS & SCHAFFHÄUSER on Compost Black records. The "Hunt EP" comes with a collab with Gregor Schwellenbach (Kompakt) and remixes by Patrick Zigon and Nuno Dos Santos.

New album in March & April: "RE:4 - Selected Remixes Vol. 4" (BluFin Rec.)

GROOVE Magazine about "Re:4": „On two ambitiously packed vinyl-EPs each coming along with an additional CD ... one finds over and over again something simply grandiose. Though lasting for more than twenty years now, one somehow always has the feeling that Schaffhaeuser’s sonic urge to discover and playful inventiveness will for a long time not be outtold.”

All releases, remixes, music, facts + fotos on https://www.facebook.com/mathiasschaffhauser

more music and DJ mixes here: http://soundcloud.com/mathias-schaffhauser