• LIVE: James Ferraro (NYC) | + TBRCK & Handsome T

  • Mo, 05.05.2014 ab 21:00 Uhr
    50668 Cologne
LIVE: James Ferraro (NYC) | + TBRCK & Handsome T - GOLD + BETON - Köln

in Koop mit Reconstructing Song & ON - NEUE MUSIK KÖLN


LIVE: JAMES FERRARO (Hippos in Tanks / NYC)

DJ-Support by TBRCK & Handsome T

MO 05-05 // 21H // Tickets: 8,-€

superfriendly supported by: ON - NEUE MUSIK KÖLN


Ferraro has confounded and delighted in equal measure with a litany of cassette, CD-R and vinyl releases under a bewildering number of aliases.

What a diverse body of work it is, taking in the sun-spoiled, shop-soiled blues drift of Last American Hero, the eddying New Age ambient of Marble Surf, the cathode-ray paranoia of Citrac, the no-fi minimal wave of Chameleon Ballet, the AM rock perversion of Night Dolls With Hairspray, the VHS warp of Live At Slimer Beach and Rapture Adrenaline. Through a slyly humorous lens of Deleuzian theory and chaos magick, he focusses on the most vulgar and garish aspects of our recent cultural history: a hyperreality of advertising, self-help, porno, home fitness, speed-dieting, evangelism and fear-mongering. (FACTMAG.COM) https://soundcloud.com/b-e-b-e-t-u-n-e