• Post:Like:Me - Theatre Play with ESN Köln

  • So, 29.11.2015 ab 19:30 Uhr
  • Erasmus Student Network Köln
    Universitätsstraße 22a
    50937 Cologne
Post:Like:Me - Theatre Play with ESN Köln - Erasmus Student Network  Köln - Köln

*** Please send us an email to valerija.schwarz@gmx.de if you would like to see the play this Sunday! :) We will close the list tomorrow at 5 pm. ***

Hello everybody! :)

This Sunday we'd like to watch a theatre play with you: Post:Like:Me is a play written and produced by students who have won a direction contest of "Studiobühne". It is a dramatic-performative play focussing on "social media" and, in this context, the change and loss of identity. In some scenes the actors interact with the audience, please be aware of this.

We had the chance to join the general rehearsal and we are absolutely thrilled! This play is performed in German language, but most topics should be familiar to digital natives... ;) Nevertheless, we recommend you to have a good knowledge of German! So, you're ok with that and keen on inhaling sophisticated stuff? :) Here comes the most important part:

► When? Sunday, 29th of November at 7:30 pm. ► Where? studiobühneköln, Universitätsstraße 16a, 50937 Cologne (where the AStA Café is located, too!) ► Admission: Normally it is 7 €, but if you come with us on Sunday it will be only 5 € per person. ► How to join? Please come to the University of Cologne (SSC Building, Universitätsstraße 22a, room 1.209) on Thursday between 11 am and 4 pm in order to pay for your ticket. Don't forget to bring 5 € (we won't have any change).

Here is some additional information about the play: Liking instead of striking, posting instead of protesting, tindering instead of romancing – alright, we’ve always guessed it: we’re nothing but wretched slaves, reality-amputated patients on a digital drip-feed. But wait! Isn’t there a different version to that story? We mean that of the smart digital native, at home in the global village, in touch with the whole world. And love? Alas, love is always but a swipe away! And which of these lousy tales should we believe in right now? If we take a close look at our daily tête-à-touch with all those small and big screens, then we quickly sense that these interactions at the interface do tell us rather different stories... Starting from behavioural patterns and gestures that structure our digital everyday life, the young collective mind.break.company sets out on a dramatic-performative quest for the source code of our social relations. In doing so, presumed borders between the analogue and the digital dissolve into a total experience of theatrical performance, dance, video, space and music. Beyond all boring scenarios of alienation this approach to our mobile devices and their users could thus be many things: an expedition into the realm of hybrids, a human-mechanic contact improvisation and in the best case a great reconciliation. Let’s see...

All days of performance (in case you cannot make it on the 29th): 25th (premiere), 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th November, 8:00 p.m.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/postlikeme http://studiobuehnekoeln.de/programm/theater/postlikeme/

We are looking forward to an interesting night! The ESN Köln team