• Barry Guy (UK) / Sebastian Gramss (D) solo - duo - solo

  • Mi, 29.04.2015 ab 20:30 Uhr
  • LOFT Köln
    Wissmannstr. 30
    50823 Cologne
Barry Guy (UK) / Sebastian Gramss (D) solo - duo - solo - LOFT Köln - Köln

DOUBLE THE DOUBLE BASS… …is a long-term international double bass duo project. The format of the concerts is simple and proven: pure double bass - solos and duos in spontaneous succession. It all began in 2008, when Gramss began a duo cooperation with the legendary bass master Stefano Scodanibbio.

Recent partners in concerts were Barre Phillips (US) and Tetsu Saitoh (JAP) in 2013; Mark Dresser (US) and Tetsu Saitoh (JAP) in 2014. Gramss and Guy collaborated recently on an album composed and produced by Gramss THINKING OF … Stefano Scodanibbio (Wergo, 2014).
More info on the project at: www.sebastiangramss.de/doublethedoublebass

BARRY GUY is an innovative bass player and composer whose creative diversity in the fields of jazz improvisation, chamber and orchestral performance, and solo recitals is the outcome both of an unusually varied training and a zest for experimentation, underpinned by a dedication to the double bass and the ideal of musical communication. He is the founder and Artistic Director of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra and the BGNO (Barry Guy New Orchestra), for which he has written several extended works. His concert works for chamber orchestras, chamber groups and soloists have been widely performed and his skillful and inventive writing has resulted in an exceptional series of compositions. Barry Guy continues to give solo recitals throughout Europe as well as continuing associations with colleagues involved in improvised, baroque and contemporary music. His current regular ensembles are the Homburger/Guy duo, the Parker/Guy duo, piano trios with Marilyn Crispell and Paul Lytton, Jaques Demierre and Lucas Niggli, and a recently formed trio with Agusti Fernandez and Ramon Lopez. He continues the longstanding trio with Evan Parker and Paul Lytton, as well as projects with Mats Gustafsson.


SEBASTIAN GRAMSS from Cologne, Germany, studied double bass and composition in Amsterdam and Cologne. He is mostly active in the field of improvised music, jazz and contemporary music as a composer, soloist and a member of numerous bands. He has released more than 20 CDs under his name. These include those from the band Underkarl, as well as from the trios SlowFox and Fossile3. His activities include his solo works (Atopie), a long term bass duo series (started with Scodanibbio in 2008), the Cologne-based quartet (BASZ), an international quintet (Barre Phillips´s Crossbows), up to his international double bass orchestra Bassmasse with 50 bass players. He has composed for radio drama, movies and theatre and – among others – for choreographer Pina Bausch. In 2007 he created the Spacebass (basso d’amore), a modified 4 string double bass with the addition of 12 sympathetic strings. In 2013 he received the ECHO national instrumentalist of the year award for the bass. Extensive touring with his music has led him to clubs and festivals all over the world. He is teaches at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne and Osnabrück University, and gives master classes around the world. International cooperation: Marilyn Crispell, Fred Frith, Sidsel Endresen, Tom Cora, Peter Kowald, Peter Brötzmann, John Tilbury, Zeena Parkins, Elliot Sharp, Conny Bauer, Dorothee Oberlinger, etc.


Double the Double bass gibt es seit 2008 als Kontra Bass - Duo Reihe bisher mit u.a. S. Scodanibbio, B. Phillips, Tetsu Saitoh, Mark Dresser und jetzt Barry Guy.