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Thisell - Kulturcafe Lichtung - Köln

„Folk” Sonntag, 09.11.2014 Cafe / 20:00 Uhr Eintritt frei In the summer of 2010 Swedish songwriter and musician Peter Thisell assembled a group of musicians to record an album in the old village school of Lur in southern Sweden. A big red wooden building that was taken out of use as a school in the sixties functioned as a studio and home for the musicians, their friends, families and animals during a week in August.The intention was to make an album recorded live, and to do so in close collaboration with the musicians. The studio was set up in the old classroom and sessions were made completely live. In an array of cables, microphones, instruments, coffee cups and wine glasses work was hard but joyous. Letting everything take time and not pushing the songs forward but rather waiting on signs from them to follow. Taking breaks for meals, swims in the lake nearby and games of coronne the album evolved slowly and gently. Letting the songs lead the way and playing them until you are in a trance-like state where you push yourself musically as well as emotionally until you have reached an intensity between the musicians so strong the only relevant comparation that comes to mind is making love.