• Tamar Aphek (ISR) / Sunsui (D)

  • Di, 23.02.2016 ab 21:00 Uhr
  • Sonic Ballroom
    Oskar-Jäger-Strasse 190
    50825 Cologne
Tamar Aphek (ISR) / Sunsui (D) - Sonic Ballroom - Köln

https://www.facebook.com/Tamar.Aphek https://myspace.com/sunsui


Tamar Aphek, the mysterious goddess of sharp guitar riffs and enchanting songs is akin to artists that shatter expectations – balancing elegance and brutality, strength and fragility, ferocious rock and sweet melody. These forces resound through Tamar and her band's fascinating live performances. Tamar is direct, she is not afraid to tell you things you might not want to hear and confront you with the smart ass skeletons in your closet. One minute she’ll whisper in your ear or tease you about it and the other minute she will slam her ruthless guitar into your face like the teeth of a hammer .Tamar is the kind of artist that spins everyone’s head when she walks into a room and before you know what hit you, you will find yourself on a fascinating ride through the dark alleys of life, with her safely holding the wheel, making sure you’re experiencing the most enlightening and smooth drive.

Spielfreude, Songorientierung und mehrstimmige Gesänge zeichnen die druckvollen Auftritte des Kölner Trios aus. Die Stilrichtung bezeichnen sie selbst schlicht als . Ihre musikalischen Wurzeln liegen im Alternative Rock der 90er Jahre und früheren Rockgrößen wie The Beatles oder Led Zeppelin.

Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 7€