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Simon Eugene is known by some for his bands Out of My Hair and the International Love Corporation and for his solo work performing under the name Comfort as well as, more recently, his real one.

Born in London, signed with RCA Records with his first band, he has worked with some of the monoliths of the music world. Bob Clearmountain, Chris Potter & the legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey, who describes him as a "totally original and hypnotic artist whose feast of sound arrangements and melody reaches my inner soul."

A prolific, maverick songwriter, Simon has travelled far and wide with his music, supporting the likes of David Bowie and Radiohead among others, before throwing it all in to follow the wind and make a film about love that left him right back where he started. His music is in tune with these endless circles of life.

Currently veering into the realm of acoustic psychedelia, folk style, Nick Drake like, his lyrics tend to come to the fore and penetrate deep into the bosom of existence. Eastern influences have crept in on the guitar. He plays his music in the realm where, at the right level of silence, the spirits may be summoned.